World Civilizations to 1500
Outline 2
The Rise and Spread of Civilization in India and China
c. 2500-AD535

I. Introduction.

II. Early Indian Civilizations. [World Civilizations, Chapter 1, 16-20; Chapter 2, 33-38]

    A. The Indus Valley Civilizations: Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.

    B. The Vedic Aryan Civilization.

    C. Hinduism.

    D. Buddhism.

III. The Rise and Fall of Indian Empires, ca. 322 BC-AD 535. [World Civilizations, Chapter 4, 91-97; Chapter 10, 232-241]

    A. The Mauryan Empire, ca. 322-184 BC.

    B. The Gupta Empire, AD 320-535.

IV. Early Chinese Civilizations. [World Civilizations, Chapter 1, 20-23; Chapter 2, 28-33; and Chapter 7, 138-153]

    A. The Hsia, Shang, and Chou Dynasties (ca. 2205-221 BC).

    B. The Ch'in and Han Dynasties (ca. 221BC-AD220).

    C. Ancient Chinese Thought: Confuciusism, Taoism, and Legalism.

    D. Chinese Society and Culture.

V. Conclusion: Early Civilizations in India and China.

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