World Civilizations

Outline 5:  Asian, African, and American Civilizations to the 1600s

I. Chinese Civilizations to the 1600s. (World Civilizations, Chapter 8)

    A. Chinese Civilization during the Sui, T'ang, and Sung Dynasties, ca. 600-1644.

    B.  Introduction: From the Sui Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty.

    C.  The Success and Failure of Buddhism.

     D.  T'ang and Sung Cultural Achievements.

     E.  The Mongols and their Achievements.

     F.  The Ming Dynasty: Resistance to Change and the Closing of China to the West.

II. Japanese Civilization from its Origins to the 1600s. (World Civilizations, Chapter 9)

   A. Japan's Geography and Early History.

   B. Japanese Borrowing from China, 5th-9th centuries.

   C. Japanese Feudalism: the Daimyos and the Shogunate.

   D. The Tokugawa Shogunate and the Closing of Japan to the West (1600s).

III. Civilizations in Africa Before 1500. (World Civilizations, Chapters 5 and 17)

   A.  The Problem of Writing African History Before 1500.

   B. The Kingdoms of Kush and Axum.

   C. East African Civilizations and Zimbabwe.

   D. West Africa: The Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, & Songhai.

IV. Civilizations in the Americas Before 1500. (World Civilizations, Chapter 14)

   A. Introduction: Migration to the Americas.

   B. Central and South America.

       1. Olmec, Mayan, Toltec, and Aztec Civilizations, 1200 BC-AD 1519.

   C. Inca Civilization, 15th century-1531.

V. Conclusion: Interaction Between European and the Non-European Civilizations Begins.

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