Introduction to the Study of History

Course Outline and Due Dates for Assignments

Tuesday-Thursday (21 August - 07 October 2008)

21 Aug: First Day of Class:  What is History?

26 Aug: Why write History? How do Historians Work?
            [Rampolla, 1-5 and 5-24; Essay on the Nature of History; Discussion Questions 1 Due]

28 Aug: Choosing a Research Topic and Research Questions.
            [Rampolla, 3-4, 69-87; Handout on Choosing a Topic]

02 Sep: Compiling and Annotating the Bibliography.
            [Rampolla, 29-31, 72-84, 121-133, and 138-151; Handout on the Annotated Bibliography]

04 Sep: Analyzing a Student Research Paper.
            [Rampolla, 43-68; Sample Research Paper; Discussion Questions 2, Pt. I. Due]

09 Sep: Analyzing Documentation, Quotations, and Footnotes; Avoiding Plagiarism.
            [Rampolla, 88-95 and 96-120; Sample Research Paper; Discussion Questions 2, Pt. II. Due]

11 Sep: Presentations on Research Topics; Research Topic Statement and Preliminary Bibliography

16 Sep: Additional Presentations Day (if needed).

18 Sep: Critical Reading:  The Content and Structure of a Good History Essay.
            [Rampolla, 43-68; Gerhard L. Weinberg, “July 20, 1944: The German Resistance to
            Hitler”; Handout on the Elements of a Good History Essay; Discussion Questions 3 Due]

23 Sep: Critical Reading:  Primary Sources.
            [Rampolla, 9-13 and 17-24; Handout on Reading a Primary Sources and Sample Primary
            Sources; Discussion Questions 4 Due]

25 Sep: The Primary Source Essay.
            Primary Source (The Battle on Lexington Green) Essay Due.
            Revised Research Topic Statement (if needed) and Annotated Bibliography Due.

30 Sep: The Critical Book Review.
            [Rampolla, 31-33; Handout on Writing Book Reviews; Sample Book Review; Discussion
            Questions 5 Due]

02 Oct: Critical Analysis:  Primary and Secondary Sources on the Internet.
            [Rampolla, 16-17; Discussion Questions 6 and Oral Presentation on the Evaluation of Internet
            Sources]  See for an example of an
           Internet Analysis.  The site is Plimoth Plantation: Living Breathing History.

07 Sep: Additional Internet Presentations (if needed).  Complete Portfolio is due.

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