HISTORY 3000. Introduction to the Study of History

Professor:  Robert W. Brown

Course Description

HST 3000 introduces key historical concepts and skills, such as the nature and types of History; historical periodization; the reading and analysis of primary and secondary sources; research, writing, and documentation styles; the basic use of the computer for historical research and writing; and History as a profession.

Course Syllabus and Information

Course Outline, Assigned Readings, and Due Dates for Assignments

Key Terms for the Study of History and Historiography

Why Study or Write History (Discussion Questions I)

Why Write or Study History? (Essay)

Choosing a Research Topic and Research Questions

The Annotated Bibliography

Analyzing a Student Research Paper (Discussion Questions 2)

Critical Reading:  The Content and Structure of a Good Historical Essay (Discussion Questions 3)

Critical Reading:  Primary Sources and the Writing of History (Discussion Questions 4)

The Critical Book Review (Discussion Questions 5)

Critical Reading:  Evaluating Primary and Secondary Sources on the Internet (Discussion Questions 6)

World Wide Web Resources for HST 3000

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