Introduction to the Study of History
Key Terms for the Study of History
and/or Historiography

History Majors students should be familiar with the basic definitions of the following terms. Understanding them is central to a comprehension of the nature of historical writing and historiography.
Anachronism Laws (Historical)
Annales School of Historical Writing Liberalism
Antiquarianism Method
Biography Narrative
Causation Nationalism
Civilization National Character
Colligation New History
Comparative History Objectivity
Contemporary History Past
Constructivism Periodization
Counterfactual Analysis Philosophy of History
Criticism Popular History
Cultural History Process
Culture Progress (Idea of)
Determinism Psychohistory
Econometric History, New Economic History, Cliometrics Quantification
Economic History Race/Racism
Enlightenment Radical History
Event Realism
Evidence Recurrence
Explanation Relativism
Fact Romanticism
History Scientific History
Historicism Skepticism
Historiography Social History
Idealism Style
Ideology Understanding
Imagination Universal History
Intellectual History/History of Ideas Value Judgment
Interdisciplinary History Zeitgeist

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