Revolution, Liberalism, and Nationalism
in Europe, 1789-1914

The French Revolution, 1789-1799

I. Introduction: The Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon, 1789-1815.

II. The Crisis of the Ancien régime (1750-1788): The Creation of a Revolutionary Situation.

    A. The Economic Crisis.

    B. The Political Crisis of the Ancien régime.

    C. Opposition Movements: the Philosophes.

    D. The Three Estates and Social Antagonisms. [The Three Esates]

III. The Outbreak of Revolution and Early Triumphs, 1788-1789.

    A. The Calling of the Estates General.  [The Cahiers de Doleance]

    B. The Storming of the Bastille, 14 July 1789.

    C. Hopes and Fears in the Summer of 1789.

    D. The Revolution Develops.

IV. The Reorganization of France, October 1789-September 1792.

    A. The Constitution of 1791.

    B. The Growth of Royalist Opposition.

    C. The Outbreak of War with Austria, April 1792.

V. Creation of the First Republic, 21 September 1792-July 1794.

    A. War and French Politics: The Convention. [The Sans-culotte] [Description of the Sans-culotte]

    B. Robespierre and the Terror, June 1793-July 1794.

    C. Thermidor and the End of the Terror.

VI. The Thermidorean Reaction (July 1794-1795) and the Directory, 1795-1799.

VII. Conclusion: Reflections on the French Revolution.

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