Revolution, Liberalism, and Nationalism
in Europe, 1789-1914

Primary Source Links for The French Revolution and Napoleon

Portrait of Louis XVI.

Jacques-Louis David, The Oath of the Horatii (1784).

The Three Estates in Pre-Revolutionary France.

The Cahiers de Doleance from Carcassonne.

What is the Third Estate? (Abbe Sieyes).

The Third Estate Awakens.

The Tennis Court Oath (David)

Map of Paris in 1789

The Storming of the Bastille.

The Storming of the Bastille (Watercolor by Claude Cholat).

The Assignat (Paper Currency).

The Sans-culotte (Image).

The Sans-culotte (Text).

The Assault on the Tuileries Place, August 1792.

The September Massaces (Saint Germain-des-Pres, 1792).

The Execution of Louis XVI.

The French Revolutionary Calendar.

Robespierre on Terror and Virtue.

The Levee en masse (1793)

Robespierre Executing the Executioner

The Execution of Robespierre.

Madame Recamier (David)

The Young Bonaparte

Bonaparte Crossing the Alps (Jacques Louis David).

The Coup of 18 Brumaire (James Gilray)

The Coronation of Napoleon (Jacques Louis David)

The Battle of Austerlitz (1805).

Napoleon on the Battlefield at Eylau (Baron Gros).

Napoleon on the Battlefield at Eylau (Baron Gros): Detail.

The Imperial Catechism (1806).

Map of Napoleon's Empire

Napoleon and Alexander of Russia Meet at Tilsit (1807).

Napoleon in His Study (Jacques Louis David).

The Third of May, 1808 (Francisco Goya)

The Retreat from Moscow (1812) (by Albert Northern).

Napoleon in 1814: The French Campaign (by Ernest Meissonier)

The Battle of Waterloo (Painter Unknown).

Napoleon's Tomb at Les Invalides

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