Revolution, Liberalism, and Nationalism
In Europe, 1789-1914
I. Introduction to the Course.

    A. The Major Periods and Themes of Nineteenth-century European History.

II. The French Revolution, Napoleonic Europe, and the Restoration Era, 1789-1830.

    A. The French Revolution: Origins to 1792.
        [Merriman, Chapter 12; The Cahiers de Doleance]

    B. The French Revolution: From Terror to Dictatorship, 1792-1799.
        [Merriman, Chapter 12; Reading: France During the Terror.]

    C. From Napoleon Buonaparte to the Emperor Napoleon, 1769-1804.
        [Merriman, Chapter 13]

    D. Napoleonic France and the Grand Empire, 1804/1815.

    E. Metternich's Settlement and International Relations, 1815-1848.
        [Merriman, Chapter 15; Reading: Metternich, Secret Memorandum]

    F. European Domestic Politics, 1815-1848.
        [Merriman, Chapter 15]

    G. The Revolutions of 1848.
        [Merriman, Chapter 16]

III. Industrialization, Social Change, and Intellectual Ferment in Europe, 1815-1848.

    A. England and the First Industrial Revolution, 1760s-1840s.
        [Merriman, Chapter 14]

    B. The Intellectual Impact of the Industrial Revolution: Socialism
        [Merriman, Chapter 14: Utopian Socialism and Marx and Engels, The Communist Manifesto]

    C. The Romantic Movement in Literature and the Arts, 1780s-1840s.
        [Merriman, Chapter 15; Selected Readings from Romantic Writers; Slides: Classic and Romantic Art
        and Architecture]

    D. Conservatism, Liberalism, and Nationalism.
        [Merriman, Chapter 15; Mill, On Liberty]

IV. Europe in the Era of the Unification Movements, 1850-1871.

    A. The Collapse of the European Balance of Power: The Crimean War.
        [Merriman, Chapter 18]

    B. The Unification Movements in Italy and Germany.
        [Merriman, Chapter 17]

V. Europe at its Zenith, 1871-1914.

    A. Demography, Urban Problems, and Social Trends, 1871-1914.
        [Merriman, Chapters 19 & 20]

    B. Political Life in Western and Eastern Europe, 1871-1914.
        [Merriman, Chapters 18 & 20]

    C. The Second Industrial Revolution & the Birth of a World Economy, 1871-1914.
        [Merriman, Chapter 19]

    D. Europe and the World: The New Imperialism, 1871-1914.
        [Merriman, Chapter 21]

    E. The Crisis in European Thought, 1871-1914.
        [Merriman, Chapter 20; Readings: Friedrich Nietzsche; and Slides: The Birth of Modern Art]

VI. The Origins of World War I.
      [Merriman, Chapter 22; Readings:  The July Crisis of 1914]

VI. Conclusion: Europe in the Nineteenth Century and the Paris World's Fair of 1900.

Tentative Test Subject Matter and Examination Dates.

Test 1: 15 February 2005 (French Revolution to the Revolutions of 1848).

Test 2: 29 March 2005 (Industrial Revolution to Unification Movements).

Final Exam: 11:00am, 05 May 2005. (Europe at its Zenith to World War I).

Essay Due Dates

Internet Analysis:  01 February 2005

Book Review:  15 March 2005

Origins of World War I Essay:  26 April 2005

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