Revolution, Liberalism, and Nationalism
In Europe, 1789-1914
Reaction and Revolution in Europe, 1815-1848

I. Introduction: Reaction to the French Revolution and Napoleon, 1815-1848.

II. The Congress of Vienna, September 1814-November 1815.

    A. Major Ideas and Concerns.

    B. Accomplishments and Failures.

III. Successful Reaction, 1815-1820.

    A. The Suppression of International Revolutions & the Congress System, 1818-1822.

    B. The Suppression of Domestic Unrest.

    C. Metternich's System (Central Europe).

IV. Failed Revolutions, 1820-1830.

    A. Failed Revolutions in Spain, Italy, France, and Russia.

    B. The Greek War for Independence, 1821-1832.

V. Successful Revolution and Reform, 1830-1832

    A. Revolutions in France and Belgium, 1830-1831.

    B. Peaceful Political Reform in England: The Reform Bill of 1832.

VI. International Relations, 1830-1848: The "Eastern Question," 1830s-1840s.

VII. From Revolutions to Revolutions, 1832-1848.

    A. Domestic Politics: France and England, 1832-1848.

    B. National Aspirations and Agitation: Central and Southern Europe, 1815-1848.

VIII. The Year of Revolutions, 1848.

    A. Causes of the Revolutions of 1848.

    B. The Short-lived Triumph, February-June 1848.

    C. Difficulties for the Revolutionaries, June-December 1848.

    D. Suppression of the Revolutions, 1849-1851.

V. Conclusion: Europe in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century.

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