Revolution, Liberalism, and Nationalism

in Europe, 1789-1914

Social, Intellectual, and Cultural Life, 1815-1848

I. Social Change and Social Thought, 1815-1848.
A. Utopian Socialism: Henri Saint Simon and Robert Owen.

B. Scientific [Marxist] Socialism: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

II. Romanticism in Literature and Art.
A.  The Romantic View of Nature (William Wordsworth and John Constable).

B.  The Romantic Hero (Particularly Napoleon, Frankenstein, and Faust).

C.  The Romantic Style in Art and Music (Particularly Delacroix and Beethoven).

III. European Conservativism.
A. Edmund Burke (Reflections on the Revolution in France).

B. Louis de Bonald and Joseph de Maistre.

IV. Classical Liberalism (Western Europe).
A. England: John Stuart Mill (On Liberty).

B. France: Alexis de Tocqueville.

V. Nationalism in the Nineteenth Century.
A. Types of Nationalism: Western European and Central and Eastern European.

B. German Nationalism: Johann Gottfried Herder and the Grimm Brothers.

C. Italian Nationalism: Giuseppe Mazzini.

VI. Conclusion.

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