Twentieth-century Europe, 1914-1990s

Primary Source Links for the First World War.

The Pre-World War Alliance Systems

Propaganda Poster:  The German-Italian Alliance System

Arms Race:  The Dreadnought

The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, 28 June 1914

The Blank Check, July 1914

A Chronology of the July Crisis

Mobilization Order, 1914:  Paris

Mobilization, 1914:  Paris

Mobilization, 1914:  Berlin

Mobilization, 1914:  Munich

Jesus Blessing German Troops Moving to the Front

World War I Poetry (1914)

The Schlieffen Plan

Propaganda Poster:  England

Propaganda Poster:  What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?

Propaganda Poster:  Destroy this Mad Brute

The Western Front

Trench Warfare on the Western Front

Artillery Barrage

The Somme, 1916

The Somme: Thiepval Memorial

Verdun, 1916

Trench Warfare:  Diagram

Trench Warfare:  Infantry Going over the Top

World War I Battlefield

The Tank on the Battlefield

World War I Aircraft:  The Sopwith Camel

Wilfred Owen, Dulce Et Decorum Est, 1917 (War Poem)

The Michelin Guide to the Western Front

World War I Memorials:  Kathe Kollwitz's Memorial for her Son

Abel Gance:  J'Accuse!

Otto Dix:  Dix as a Target

Otto Dix:  War Triptych

Book Cover and Poster for All Quiet on the Western Front

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