Twentieth-Century Europe

The Cold War in Europe 1945-1949

I. The Grand Alliance, 1941-1945.

    A. Long-term Origins of the Cold War.

    B. Wartime Conferences, 1941-1945.

        1. The Atlantic Charter.

        2. The Military Conferences.

    C. The Yalta Conference, February 1945.

    D. The Potsdam Conference, July 1945.

    E. Europe and Germany in 1945.

II. The Origins of the Cold War, 1945-1947.

    A. Post WWII - American Policy.

    B. Post WWII - Soviet Policy.

    C. The Problem of Germany, 1945-1947.

    D. Containment: The Truman Doctrine, 1947.

    E. Economic Reconstruction: The Marshall Plan, 1947.

III. The Cold War Begins, 1947-1949.

    A. The Czechoslovakian Crisis, 1948.

    B. The Berlin Blockade, 1948-1949.

    C. The Creation of NATO, April 1949.

IV. Reflections on the Origins of the Cold War.

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