Nazi Germany, 1933-1945

Primary Source Links for Nazism During the Weimar Republic, 1919-1933

General Erich Ludendorf

General Paul von Hindenburg

Kaiser Wilhelm II

The Armistice (11 November 1918)

The Spartakus Uprising (Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht)

The Kapp Putsch (1920)

The Freikorps

Signing the Versailles Treaty (28 June 1919)

Germany's Territorial Losses (Versailles Treaty)

Article 231 of the Versailles Treaty (The War Guilt Clause)

The Currency Crisis (The Inflation Marks)

Women Burning Currency in the Stove (1923)

The Ruhr Crisis (1923):  Leo Albert Slageter

Hitler Birthplace

Adolf Hitler as a Young Man

A Watercolor by Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler in Munich, August 1914

Adolf Hitler as a Soldier

"In the Beginning was the Word"

The Munich Hofbrauhaus

The Interior of the Hofbrauhaus

The Nazi Party Program (1920)

Herman Goering

Heinrich Himmler at the Beer Hall Putsch

Ernst Roehm

Hitler, Ludendorf, and Others After the Beer Hall Putsch

Hitler's Cell at Landsberg Prison

Hitler at Landsberg Prison

The Composition of Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf

The Dedication Page of Mein Kampf

Hitler Leaving Landsberg Prison

Gustav Stresemann

Gauleiters with Joseph Goebbels in the 1920s

Nazi Street Rally in Weimar, 1920s

The Hitler Youth

Heinrich Himmler as Reichsfuehrer SS

Typical Nazi Propaganda Poster

Election Poster from the Early 1930s

Graph (Unemployment and Nazi Success at the Polls)

Horst Wessel

The Horst Wessel Lied (Sheet Music)

The Horst Wessel Lied (Audio)

The Horst Wessel Lied (English Translation)

Hitler as Chancellor of Germany (30 January 1933)

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