HISTORY 430. Nazi Germany, 1933-1945

Professor:  Robert W. Brown

Course Description

An interdisciplinary history and analysis of Nazi Germany (1933-1945), emphasizing aspects of political, social, cultural, and intellectual life as well as the legacy of Nazism, including historiography.

Course Information

Course Syllabus

Course Outline and Assigned Readings

Primary Sources and Images

Nazism During the Weimar Republic, 1919-1929

The Nazis in Power, Gleichschaltung, 1933-1939

The Second World War in Europe, 1939-1945

Lecture Outlines
Weimar Germany and the Origins of the Nazi Movement

The Nazis in Power: The Consolidation of Power, Gleichschaltung, and Foreign

Policy, 1933-1939
The Nazis at War: World War II in Europe, 1939-1945
Discussion Questions and Notes
Discussion Questions:  Adolf Hitler and the Building of the Nazi Party

Discussion Questions:  Adolf Hitler and the Ideology of Nazism

Discussion Questions:  The Volksgemeinschaft and the SS

Discussion Questions:  The Problem of Museums and Memorials

Notes on the German Historikerstreit

Study Guides for the Tests

Examination I
Examination II
Final Examination

Essay Questions for the First Test

Essay Questions for the Second Test

Guide to World Wide Web Sites for Nazi Germany

Guide to the Analysis of an Internet Site

Instructions for the Essay

Instructions for the Primary Source Analysis

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