Nazi Germany
Discussion Questions 1

Assignment: Read Spielvogel, Hitler and Nazi Germany, 42-53.

These readings deal with Hitler's efforts to rebuild the Nazi Party and the National Socialist Movement following his release from prison and with his struggle to establish himself as the unchallenged leader of the party and the movement.

Please answer any three of the following questions in writing and be prepared to discuss your answers in class. The written answers will be collected and graded.

1. What specific steps did Hitler take to rebuild the party in the years 1924-1928? What sort of party did Hitler envision for the future? How was it to be organized and led? What goals did Hitler have? And, what does Hitler mean when he speaks of Nazism as a movement?

2. What does the excerpt from the memoirs of the Rhineland accountant (Document 17) tell us about the motivations of those who joined the NSDAP in the mid-1920's? What was life like for committed Nazis during these years (later called the Kampfzeit)?

3. What does the government report of 1927 (Document 18) tell us about how outsiders perceived the NSDAP? Compare and contrast this perception with that of Nazis themselves.

4. What does the article from Der Angriff (Document 19) reveal about the motives and the goals of the NSDAP? What might a German reader in 1928 have found appealing in this article?

5. What steps did Hitler take to turn the Nazi party into a mass movement? What were the characteristics of those of joined the party and those who became its leaders?

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