Hitler and Nazi Germany

Examination I

I. Essay Questions (1 Question; 10 Points). Select one (1) of the following questions and answer it fully. Note that each question calls for an argument using evidence. It is extremely important therefore that you use specific historical examples to support your arguments or statements. Check for clarity of language, grammar, and spelling before submitting your essay.

1. Discuss the main points of the Nazi Party Program of 1920; evaluate the importance of this program for an understanding of Hitler's actions after he came to power.

2. Important to Hitler and the Nazis was the use of ritual and symbolism (such as the swastika flag and the consecration ceremonies using the so-called "blood banner" of 1923). Explain the importance and function of such symbols and rituals and relate them to Hitler's idea of Nazism as a Movement.

3. Explain how and why Hitler restructured the Nazi party during the late 1920s. Indicate the importance of this restructuring once the Nazis attained power.

4. Describe the main features of the Nazi concept of Volksgemeinschaft and explain how the Nazis sought to bring it into being.

5. Describe the major features of the policy of Gleichschaltung; what did the Nazis seek to achieve by it?

6. Discuss the nature and content of the Nuremberg Laws and relate then to overall Nazi ideology and policy.

7. What did Hitler mean when he spoke of Lebensraum? how did he intend to acquire it? what is the relationship of the concept to the outbreak of World War II?

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