Hitler and Nazi Germany
Examination II

I. Essay Questions (1 Questions; 10 Points).  Select one (1) of the following questions and answer each fully.  Note that each question calls for an argument using evidence.  It is extremely important therefore that you use specific historical examples to support your arguments or statements.  Check for clarity of language, grammar, and spelling before submitting your essay.  If you are writing your paper on one of these questions, please do not write your essay on that question.

1. It is often observed that the nature of World War II on the Eastern Front was radically different in character from that on other fronts, whether in France or North Africa.  Summarize the main characteristics of warfare on the Russian front and give the major reasons for the different quality of war there.

2. There has been much argument about the use of strategic bombing by the Allies in World War II.  Examine the arguments for and against the bombing of Germany, indicating what you think its role was in the allied victory.  How was the bombing campaign effective (if it was) in helping bring about the defeat of Germany?

3. Describe the nature of resistance movements to the Nazis, both inside and outside of Germany.  Evaluate the success or failure of these movements, giving specific examples.

4.  Explain the purpose of the Euthanasia Program of 1939-1941 and indicate how it was the logical outgrowth of Hitler’s ideology.  Indicate its place in the on-going Nazi struggle against the so-called “unfit” of this world and the Holocaust.

5. Describe the International Nuremberg Trails, indicating how they were prepared, carried out, and completed.  Evaluate the effectiveness of these trails.

6.  Explain the key concepts of Gleichshaltung and Volksgemeinschaft and indicate how they were applied to youth, education, women, farmers, and workers.

7.  Give an overview of the usual components of the Nuremberg Party Rallies, indicating the function of these events during the Third Reich.  Who were these events staged for and why?

8.  Explain how the Nazis used film as a propaganda tool; discuss both overtly propagandistic films like Für uns and Triumph of the Will and other films like Frederick the Great or Kolberg.

9.  Compare and contrast the Great German Art Exhibit and the Degenerate Art Exhibits of 1937, both terms of what Hitler had to say about German and so-called “Degenerate” Art and the layout and content of the two exhibits.  How do the visual arts fit within Hitler’s ideas about the place and function of the arts in Nazi Germany?

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