Nazi Germany

Essay Assignment

The Essay can be on a subject of the student's choice, so long as the subject chosen deals with Hitler or the Nazi period. The essay topic must be approved in advance by the instructor. Each student will submit a brief proposal for the essay and a date for its submission.

The essay proposal should include a description of the topic (one paragraph), a list of the questions you plan to answer, a statement of why this topic is important (one paragraph), and a list (at least five) of sources.

Your essay should be at least 5 pages long (assuming you use a normal 12 point type and it is typed, double-spaced, with 1" margins).  Check organization, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure before submitting your essay. The Writing Center will help with the mechanics, not the content, of your essay. I will also be willing to read and comment on rough drafts.

Your essay proposal may be submitted on 11 March 2008. As indicated above, you may establish your own deadline for the submission of the essay. However, the latest date for submission is 01 April 2008.

 Format for the Statement of Topic and Preliminary Bibliography on
 [Your Topic]
The Statement of Topic
1. A precise statement of the topic and preliminary thesis (about one paragraph).

2. A list of the historical questions to be answered.

3. A statement of the topic’s importance (about one paragraph).

The Preliminary Bibliography
I. Primary Sources.

II.  Secondary Sources.

III. Internet Resources.

IV. Indexes/Research Aids Consulted:

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