Nazi Germany (1933-1945)
Final Examination

The final examination in HST 4300 is an essay on the problem of creating a museum for the history of the Third Reich.  The essay is to be written at home and brought to class on the day of the examination (May 1st at 11:00); it also may be turned in early.
I. Essay Question: Imagine that you are on a planning committee that is designing a museum of the history of the Third Reich. The content of the museum is to be comprehensive, covering all aspects of Nazi Germany, including its on-going legacy (the Nuremberg Trials, the Historikerstreit, and the problem of memorials). Indicate in your essay how the museum is to be physically laid out; where it is to be built (site); what sort of architecture it will have; what artifacts are to be included and how they are to be displayed; how the museum itself is to be organized (thematically or chronologically, for example); what time frame is to be covered and how it is to be sub-divided; and what is its guiding purpose (i.e. what interpretation of the Nazi period in presented) of the museum. What should a visitor to your museum take away from the experience of a visit and why? Justify each choice you make and discuss the options that must be considered before a choice can be made. Refer to specific facts from the Nazi period, to the selections and arguments from The Texture of Memory and the film on the Holocaust Museum, to the text (Spielvogel, Hitler and Nazi Germany) assigned for this class, and to the lectures and class discussions. The minimum length for the essay is five-six pages typed pages (or the hand-written equivalent). Your paper will be graded on its originality, comprehensiveness, the quality of its argument, and especially on your use of supporting evidence.

Useful Internet Sites

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The History and Liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp


Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State (PBS)

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