Nazi Germany (1933-1945)

Course Outline

I. The History of Nazi Germany, 1919-1945. (Lectures, Readings, and Films).

    A. Nazism During the Weimar Republic, 1919-1929. (Spielvogel, Chapters 1-3)

    B. The Nazis Come to Power, 1929-1933. (Spielvogel, Chapter 3)

    C. The Nazis in Power, 1933-1939. (Spielvogel, Chapter 4)

    D. The Nazis and the European War, 1939-1945. (Spielvogel, Chapters 7-8)

Examination I (ca. 14 February 2008)

II. Aspects of Nazi Germany. (Discussion and analysis of primary sources)

    A. Adolf Hitler and the Ideology of Nazism. (Spielvogel, Chapter 5)

    B. Nazism, the State, and the People (The Volksgemeinschaft).  Spielvogel, Chapter 6)

    C. The Fuhrer and the Nazi State. (Spielvogel, Chapter 4)

    D. Nazi Myths and Heroes and Propaganda. (Spielvogel, Chapter 5; Jay W. Baird, "Sacrifice at the Feldherrnhall: The
        Nazi Immortals of 9 November 1923.")

    E. Nazism and the Arts. (Spielvogel, Chapter 6)     F. Nazism and German Society: Youth, Education, Leisure, Women, and Religion. (Spielvogel, Chapter 6)

    G. Nazi Germany at War: The Home Front and Resistance Movements. (Spielvogel, Chapter 8)

    H. Racism and the Holocaust. (Spielvogel, Chapter 9)

Examination II (ca. 27 March 2008)

III. The Legacy of Nazi Germany.

    A. The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. (Spielvogel, Chapter 10)

    B. The Problem of Explaining Nazism: The Historikerstreit of the 1980s. (Roderick Stackleberg, "The Historians' Debate)

    C. Nazism in the Context of German History and the Problem of German Identity.

    D. Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, and the Dilemma of Remembrance. (Film on the U.S. Holocaust Museum; Readings about
        Dachau, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and the U.S. Holocaust Museum from James E. Young, The Texture of Memory:
        Holocaust Memorials and Meaning, 62-72, 126-144, and 335-347; and Sarah B. Farmer, "Oradour-sur-Glane:
        Memorial in a Preserved Landscape".

IV. Conclusion.

Examination III (11:00am, 01 May 2008)

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