The Origins of Nazi Germany

<>Weimar Germany and the Origins of the Nazi Movement, 1919-1933

I. Hitler and the Origins of Nazism, 1919-1923.

    A. The Legacy of the World War and the Versailles Treaty.
        [Spielvogel, 1-20]

    B. Adolf Hitler, 1889 to 1920.
        [Spielvogel, 20-28]

    C. Hitler and the Founding of the Nazi Party, 1920-1923.
        [Spielvogel, 28-35]

    D. The Beer Hall Putsch, 1923.
        [Spielvogel, 36-41]

II. The Nazis Eclipsed, 1923-1929.

    A. Mein Kampf.
        [Spielvogel, 42-43; Readings from the Internet Modern History Source Book]

    B. Prosperity in Weimar Germany and Hopes for Peace in Europe, 1924-1929.

    C. The Building of the Nazi Party Structure.
        [Spielvogel, 44-51]

III. The Nazi Resurgence, 1929-1933.

    A. The Great Depression and the Failure of Weimar Democracy, 1930-1933.
        [Spielvogel, 51-67]

    B. Who Supported the Nazis?
        [Spielvogel, 64-65]

IV. Hitler Comes to Power, 30 January 1933.

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