The Nazis in Power

The Consolidation of Power,

Gleichschaltung, and Foreign Policy, 1933-1939

I. The Consolidation of Power, 1933-1934.
    [Spielvogel, 69-82]

     A. The Reichstag Fire, the Elections of 5 March 1933, & the Enabling Act.

     B. The Reorganization of Government and the Creation of a One-party State.

    C. The Army.

    D. The Purge of the Nazi Party (The Night of the Long Knives, 30 June 1934).

    E. The Death of Hindenburg (2 August 1934).

II. Nazi Domestic Policy: Gleichschaltung, 1933-1939.
    [Spielvogel, Chapters 4 and 6]

    A. The Nazi Party and the Government of Germany.

    B. The Nazis and the Economy.

    C. The Nazis and Culture and Entertainment.

    D. The Nazis, Youth, and Education.

    E. The Nazis and Women.

    F. Terror and Anti-Semitism.

III. Nazi Foreign Policy, 1933-1939.
    [Spielvogel, 193-212]

    A. The Concept of Lebensraum.

    B. The Years of Conciliation, 1933-1935.

    C. The Years of Activism, 1936-1937.

    D. The Prelude to War, 1937-1939.

IV. Conclusion.

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