Senior Seminar
Course Outline

Part 1: The History Research Project.

    Topic I. What is History? and Why write History?
                [Gilderhus, 1-12; Handout on the Nature of History; Primary Source Exercise;
                Discussion Questions 1]

    Topic II. Choosing a Research Topic.
                [Gilderhus, 133-147; Turabian, Chapters 1, 2, and 5; and the Handout on Choosing a Topic]

    Topic III. Research Questions and the Annotated Bibliography.
                [Gilderhus, Chapters 1 & 8; Turabian, Chapters 3 and 4; and the Handout on the Annotated Bibliography]

    Topic V. Reading a Primary Sources.
                [Handout on Reading a Primary Source and Sample Primary Sources]

    Topic VII. Evaluating Primary and Secondary Sources on the Internet.
                [Exercise on the Evaluation of Internet Sources]

Part II: The Western Historiographical Tradition.

    Topic I. What is Historiography?
                Gilderhus, Chapter 2.

    Topic II. The Origins of Historical Writing.
                Gilderhus, 13-16.

    Topic III. Historical Writing in the Ancient World: The Greek and Roman Contribution.
                Gilderhus, 16-20.

Topic IV. The Christian Conception of History.
                Gilderhus, 20-23.

Topic V. Historical Writing during the Middle Ages.
                Gilderhus, 23-29.

Topic VI. Historical Writing during the Early Modern Period (1450-1789).
                Gilderhus, 30-42.

Topic VII. Historical Writing during the 19th and 20th Centuries.
                Gilderhus, 42-51; 92-116.
                Categories of Modern Historical Writing.

Topic VIII. The Philosophy of History: The Speculative and Analytical Approaches.
                Gilderhus, Chapters 4 & 5.

Topic IX. Culture Wars and Postmodernism.
                Gilderhus, Chapter 7.

                Test on the Western Historiographical Tradition: 20 November 2007.

Part III: Oral Class Reports on the Research Projects: 27 & 29 November 2007.

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