The City in European History
 Paris in the Seventeenth Century

Questions for Girouard, Cities and People, Chapter 8 (166-180)

1.  Girouard claims (p. 166) that the Cours la Reine and the Palais contain “the essence of Paris in the mid-seventeenth century.”  Describe both, using the text as well as the pictures (pp. 166-170), and evaluate Girouard’s argument.

2.  Summarize the building projects supervised by Henri IV after 1594, especially the Pont Neuf, the Place Dauphine, and the Place Royal.  How did Italian models influence his plans?

3.  Summarize Louis XIV’s building schemes for Paris, especially the ramparts, avenues, and gates.

4.  Explain how Girouard can assert that “Paris at the beginning of the eighteenth century was still basically running on a medieval plan . . . .” (p. 179)

5.  How did Parisians convert the River Seine into something to be looked at and admired?

6.  Compare and contrast Amsterdam and Paris in the seventeenth century with regard to topography, lifestyle, and mood.  What accounts for any similarities?  What accounts for the differences?  Which city would you choose to live in and why?

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