The City in European History

Medieval Paris (12th-13th Centuries)

The Paris of Philippe Auguste

1. Describe the importance of Roman Paris for medieval Paris; be able to locate the Right Bank, the Left Bank, and the Cité.  Which activities are associated with each location?

2. What happened to Paris between the decline of Roman rule and the advent of the Capetian family, which ascended to the monarchy in 987?  What might have Paris looked like in the 10th century?

3. Describe how the Capetians, particularly Philip Augustus, transformed Paris between the 10th and the 13th centuries.

4. Describe the role of the Church in medieval Paris; pay particular attention to Notre Dame Cathedral.

5. Describe the medieval University of Paris, summarize its organization, and indicate the reasons for its importance.

6. Describe the role of commerce in medieval Paris.  What was the role of the bourgeoisie in the city?

7. What happened in the 14th century to end the great period of medieval Paris?

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