Harold T. Parker (1907-2002)

This site will provide information about the life, teaching career, and scholarship of Harold T. Parker, Professor Emeritus of History at Duke University.  Colleagues and friends are invited to submit materials for posting.  It will be updated regularly.

Please send materials to Robert W. Brown at UNC Pembroke.  Please put something in the subject line of your email that identifies it as relating to Harold Parker.

An excellent source for the life and work of Harold Parker is: June K. Burton, "Diamond Jubilee: A Tribute to Harold T. Parker," Selected Papers, 1997, The Consortium on Revolutionary Europe. Florida State University: Institute on Napoleon and the French Eevolution, 1997, 13-22.

Dr. Burton also conducted an extensive interview with Harold Parker.  It is entitled "Toward Understanding Napoleon: An Interview with Harold T. Parker," Napoleon, Vol 7 (February 1997): 26-31, 34.

1.  Harold T. Parker's Obituary.

2.  "Diamond Jubilee: A Tribute to Harold T. Parker," by June K. Burton (reprinted by permission from the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe: Selected Papers, 1997, 13-22).

3.  "The Impish Sage: Harold T. Parker (1907-2002)," by Owen S. Connelly.

4.  Comments by Colleagues and Friends.

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