Rome in the Imperial Era
 (1st-3rd Centuries AD)

1. What characterized the urban space of Rome?  the streets?  what was the role of urban planners?  How did the city grow and how was it laid out?

2. Describe a typical Imperial Forum (look at the maps).  How was it laid out and what was its function?

3. How were the people of Rome, rich as well as poor, housed?  What housing patterns characterized Rome?  What advantages/disadvantages resulted from these housing patterns?

4. Describe the sanitary arrangements of Rome, including those for houses, as well as the sewers, aqueducts, and fountains.

5. Describe the sources of wealth for the emperors; what impact did this wealth have upon the city of Rome?

6. Describe the levels of the Roman social hierarchy.  How was civil peace maintained in Rome, given the existence of considerable social inequality?

7. How much leisure time was available?  How did Romans spend their leisure time?  Who paid for this leisure time and why?  What does the phrase “Panen et Circenses” mean?

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