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Dr. Marilu Santos
PO Box 1510
Pembroke, NC 28372

Phone: 910.521.6420

Location: Oxendine Science Building, Room 2219
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I joined UNCP in 1997 after spending four years as a visiting scientist at the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the Research Triangle Park, NC. I obtained my MS and PhD at the University of the Philippines and conducted my doctoral dissertation at Mahidol University in Thailand, University of Tsukuba in Japan and Nottingham University in the UK. My major area of specialization is microbiology while my minor areas are molecular genetics and biochemistry.

My approach in the classroom is to awaken the students’ innate scientific curiosities rather than simply presenting a series of facts. By practicing science, my students gain a better understanding, and in my mind, a deeper appreciation for life. By providing current scientific information, framing this information in a context that demonstrates the relevance of the material in daily life while encouraging the personal growth of each student, foster a class atmosphere of learning and scholarship.

Teaching science for me is tremendously fulfilling and is a necessary complement to my research. Research keeps my mind focused on the limits of one's knowledge. It means being plagued and intrigued by the obscurity of the findings. Teaching, on the other hand , makes me realize how far mankind's knowledge already extends and how many questions have already be answered.




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