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        mat 2100-002 Syllabus              MAT 2100-002

        mat 2100-003 Syllabus              MAT 2100-003

        csc 1760-001 Syllabus              CSC 1760-001

        mat 3280-001 Syllabus              MAT 3280-001

        mat 1070-011 Syllabus              MAT 1070-011

        mat 2150-001 Syllabus              MAT 2150-001

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     International Journal of Applied Mathematics & Statistics (IJAMAS)

     International Journal of Statistics & Economics (IJSE)

     Topology and Its Applications

     Fuzzy Sets and Systems

     Mathematical Reviews

     Pure and Applied Mathematics (China)

     American Journal of Public Health (AJPH)

     Maternal and Child Health Journal (MCHJ)

     Antarctica Journal of Mathematics


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