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David D. Zeigler, Professor & Chair Office: Oxendine 2101A
UNCP Department of Biology. PO Box 1510,  Pembroke,  NC 28372-1510
Phone: (910) 521-6610 Email: david.zeigler@uncp.edu

Graduate degrees (M.S. & Ph.D.) awarded from the University of North Texas, Denton, TX  (Ph.D. in 1984).  Specializations and special interests in animal behavior, invertebrate zoology, evolution, biodiversity, parasitology, neurobiology, the biological nature of consciousness, and the basic nature of science.


            Above--Working hard in Bermuda. Marine Biology 4100

      Syllabi of courses taught at UNCP:
        **Click on course title for most recent syllabus
1. Principles of Biology BIO 1000
2. General Zoology   Now taught primarily by Dr. John Roe & Erika Young BIO 1020
3. Vertebrate Zoology Now taught by Dr. Andy Ash BIO 2040
3. Animal Behavior   Spring of odd # years BIO 2050
4. Entomology Now taught by Dr. Bruce Ezell BIO 3010
5. Invertebrate Zoology   Fall of odd # years BIO 3100
6. Animal Parasitology   Spring of even # years BIO 3190
7. Marine Biology  Co-Taught with Dr. Leon Jernigan- Summer of even # years BIO 4100
8. Evolution  Fall Semesters BIO 4220
9. Evolutionary Zoology  once every 2 years as announced BIO 5350

I have compiled a list of "tips" which should be helpful to most students who want to succeed in their academic work. Some of these tips apply to exam-taking, studying, taking notes, basic approach to courses, etc.
To see these, click this link: TIPS
To see some of the major subdisciplines in Biology, which might be helpful in narrowing down your career interest,
click this link: SUBDISCIPLINES
I am a great fan of good quotes. Many of these deal with science/biology, but not all. To read some of these great lines, click this link: OUOTES

Recent Publications:

Book: Understanding Biodiversity. 2007. Praeger Publishers. You can find it most easily on Amazon under the title, or my name.

Article: The Question of Progress. 2008. Evolution: Edu. & Outreach. Vol.1, Issue 1.

Article: Predicting Evolution: How likely is it that Human-level Intelligence will Evolve Again? 2008. Skeptic Magazine. Vol.14, No.2.

Article: Relevance in Education? 2008. Evolution: Edu. & Outreach. Vol. 1, Issue 4.

Article: Conveying the Values of Science and Biology. 2009. Bioscience. Vol.59, No. 3

Article: The Problem of Bias, Even in Biology. 2009. Skeptic Magazine. Vol. 15, No. 2

Article: An Incomprehensible Universe. 2011. Skeptic Magazine. Vol. 16, No.2

Article: So Much to Unlearn. 2011. Evolution: Education and Outreach. Vol. 4, Issue 3

Letter: Why Science. 2012. The American Biology Teacher. Vol. 74, No. 1

Article: What is the Purpose of a Sponge? 2012. Skeptic Magazine. Vol. 17, No. 1

Article: Evolution and the Cumulative Nature of Science. 2012. Evolution: Education and Outreach. Vol. 4, Issue 4

Book: Evolution: Components and Mechanisms. 2014.