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Office of International Programs
One University Drive
Pembroke, NC 28372-1510

Phone: 910.775.4095

Location: International Programs
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Study Abroad Options

The Study Abroad Office administers all university-sponsored education abroad programs and offers advising, information and orientation for all students. Offerings include the exchange networks (ISEP, UNCEP, and The Magellan Exchange), Faculty-Led Programs, Study Abroad program, and university based bilateral exchange agreements. This office also assists you in selecting and applying to programs offered by other organizations and universities.


UNCP University based Bilateral Exchange Agreements. UNCP has negotiated a number of direct student exchange agreements arising out of specific interest in the university community. You pay tuition and fees at UNCP (WLS 4990-Study Abroad) and enroll directly in your host university. UNCP application fee applies. Study Abroad opportunities include:

New Partner Announcements, coming soon!


United Kingdom

Bangor University, Wales



University of Mannheim, School of Humanities

South Korea

Kyungpook National University
Semester, full-year, or summer

University of Seoul

Semester, full-year, or summer

University of Ulsan

Semester, full-year, or summer

Yonsei University at Wonju, South Korea

Semester or full-year



Umea University

Semester or full-year
Linnaeus University
Semester or full-year

UNCP Faculty-Led Programs- Each year, faculty members throughout the campus arrange short-term opportunities overseas, mainly in the summer. UNCP application fee applies. The spring/summer 2014 offerings include:

Berlin, Germany. Faculty-Led, Dr. Kevin Freeman/Dr. Kirill Bumin (Political Science)


Spain. Faculty-Led, Dr. Enrique Porrua (Foreign Languages)

ISEP is a network of 300 institutions in 42 countries, providing a full immersion, exchange enrollment experience for a semester or academic year. All students are encouraged to consider a study abroad option and many programs are available in English (studying a foreign language is available). Program charges are based on UNCP tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad), room and board, resulting in the most affordable option for study abroad.

■ISEP offers summer, semester, and full-year programs.

■Application fee is required.


UNCEP is a UNC network that works very similarly to ISEP, but you pay tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad) to UNCP and your room and board to your host institution.

■UNCP offer semester or full-year programs.

■Application fee is required.


The Magellan Exchange program is an opportunity for students to study in another country at an affordable cost. You will pay tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad) to UNCP.

■The Magellan Exchange offers summer, semester, or full-year programs. ■Application fee is required.


UNCP Summer Programs-Study Abroad- UNCP develops summer study abroad programs that are 2-6 weeks in length and for college credit. UNCP application fee applies.

■Summer Program in Rome, Italy (John Cabot University). Application fee is paid to JCU.

Approved University based Semester and Summer Study Abroad Programs:

University College Dublin, Ireland

John Cabot University, Rome, Italy



Updated: Friday, September 27, 2013


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  • "I can't even describe how great the past year was. It was incredible and I'm so glad that I decided to stay for a year. I learned so much about so many things and met so many interesting people." Philip Hasty, UNCP Student who studied in The Netherlands for the full year 2008-2009.

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