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Office of International Programs
One University Drive
Pembroke, NC 28372-1510

Phone: 910.775.4095

Location: International Programs
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University of Seoul
Summer 2013 (28 June - 26 July)

DMZ in KoreaThe International Summer School (ISS) program at the University of Seoul (UOS) was first established in 2000, and it has provided international students with a great opportunity to learn about Korean culture and tradition. Since the program was reorganized in 2005, it now offers various incentives to the participants coming from sister universities of the UOS and many prestigious universities around the world.

About Seoul:

Seoul is the capital and largest city of South Korea. With over ten million people, Seoul is one of the world's largest cities. The Seoul National Capital Area - which includes the major port city of Incheon and satellite towns in Gyeonggi-do, has almost 23 million inhabitants and is the world's second largest metropolitan area. Almost half of South Korea's population lives in the Seoul National Capital Area, and nearly one quarter in Seoul itself, making it the country's chief economic, political and cultural center.


As a major world economic and cultural center, Seoul is considered a global city. The city has hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics and the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Seoul is consistently placed among the world's top ten financial and commercial cities and is the global headquarters of numerous multinational companies, such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai. It is one of the five most expensive cities in the world and the second most expensive in Asia. With a GDP of over $200 billion, Seoul is the fourth richest city in Asia and one of the top twenty richest cities in the world.


Christy Herring at UOS Summer


Classes meet nine hours a week for five weeks. Visit our website for course descriptions. Click on IICE Courses and select the Field.
Field Course credit Time
Korean Language Beginning Korean Language (1) 3 9:30 - 11:50
Beginning Korean Language (2) 3 1:00 - 3:20
Intermediate Korean Language 3 9:30 - 11:50
Advanced Korean Language 3 1:00 - 3:20
The Man and Environment 3 9:30 - 11:50
Political Leadership in East Asia 3 9:30 - 11:50
Korea and Globalization 3  
Asian Studies Special Topics in Asian Studies 3 1:00 - 3:20
Exploring Asian Culture 2 9:30 - 11:50
Economic Analysis for the Global Citizen 3 1:00 - 3:20
Global Marketing Management 3 9:30 - 11:50
Economic Analysis for the Global Citizen 3 9:30 - 11:50
International Studies International Criminology 3 1:00 - 3:20
Issues in Finance 3 1:00 - 3:20
Special Topics in International Studies 3 9:30 - 11:50
Globalization and Multicultural Societies 3 1:00 - 3:20
* The courses are subject to change.
* All courses are taught in English, except language.
* Exploring Asian Culture is a two-credit course which consists of three field trips to experience Korean traditions, visit JSA (Joint Security Area), and 4-day tip to Busan & Gyeongju or Jeju Island in Korea.


A maximum of 4 UNCP students may participate in this program.


Tuition & Fees
Mandatory Fees
Tuition 1,500,000 Won Waived for exchange students (UNCP)
Registration Fee 250,000 Won Waived for exchange students (UNCP)
Housing Fee 250,000 Won To be reimbursed for exchange students
Field Trip and Extracurricular Activity Fees 500,000 Won Waived for exchange students (UNCP)
TOTAL 2,500,000 Won  
Optional Fees (Field Trip from July 11 to July 14)
Busan & Gyeongju 700,000 Won Approximately 50% reimbursed
for exchange students
Jeju Island, Korea 800,000 Won Approximately 50% reimbursed
for exchange students
* All costs are subject to change without prior notices.
* Students will be reimbursed for the (optional) field trips at the end of their visit to Korea.
* All UNCP students must purchase International Health Insurance at a cost of $1.32/day.


UNCP students are responsible for paying their individual flight costs to Incheon International Airport (ICN). However the Center for International Programs will be happy to put you in touch with an international travel agent. Before booking your flight, please see the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Financial Aid:

This is an approved Study Abroad program through the Center for International Programs. In order to qualify for Financial Aid you must be registered for 6 credit hours in the summer and receive a letter of 'C' or higher. Please direct all questions about Financial Aid eligibility to the Financial Aid Office.

With a letter grade of 'C' or higher, students will receive transfer credit from the University of Seoul.


The unit of currency is the Won (W). Coins come in W10, W50, W100 and W500 and notes in W1,000, W5,000 and W10,000. Most currencies can be easily exchanged at banks and hotels.

Credit cards are accepted at major hotels, resort, shops and restaurants. It is probably best, in terms of convenience and getting the best rates, to change money at the airport on arrival and prior to departure. Banks operate exchange counters in the customs hall (for when you arrive) and departure hall. For current exchange rates visit the currency converter.

Application Process:

Application- Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, to apply for the UOS program. E-mail:, 910-775-4095, or stop by the Center for International Programs office (physical address: 902 Dogwood Lane).

  • Students must be nominated by UNCP Study Abroad Coordinator.
  • Submit a UNCP Study Abroad Application ($50 application fee).
  • Submit a UOS application, copy of official UNCP transcript, 3-passport size photos, copy of health insurance certificate, and copy of passport.
  • Minimum GPA is 2.50.
  • Must have completed at least 15 credits at UNCP before applying.
  • Open to all UNCP undergraduate students.

Program Does Not Include:

■ UNCP Study Abroad Application Fee ($50). Due at time of application.
■ U.S. Passport fees

■ Roundtrip Airfare
■ Meals

■ Airline baggage fees or overweight baggage fees.
■ Wire fees for payment (made at bank for approximately $40).

■ Cost of International Health Insurance (HTH). Required.

Nomination and Application Deadline is

April 1, 2013.

Updated: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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"5 weeks of global education-earning the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, traveling thru rocky villages, climbing the highest of mountains, touching the history of temples and palaces-networking for future career prospects- I have successfully completed the 2010 International Summer School at the University of Seoul in Seoul, South Korea- 6 credits and 1300 pictures-Time to go home.”

Latif Darden, UNCP

UOS Summer 2010 Program



"This was one of the best experience ever!"
Christy Herring,

UNCP Student
University of Seoul Summer 2009


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