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Office of International Programs
One University Drive
Pembroke, NC 28372-1510

Phone: 910.775.4095

Location: International Programs
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Asian programs

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The Asian Programs office develops, implements, and supports institutional collaborations, enabling two-way student and faculty exchanges between UNCP and Asian universities. To date, UNCP has forged twenty-eight such partnerships with universities in Asia, creating opportunities for students in undergraduate and graduate programs in various majors.


The most popular majors among the Asian students include Business Administration, Accounting, Math and Computer Science, Mass Communication, Environmental Science, Political Science, Public Administration and English.

New: The Gao Kao Open Door Opportunity

新项目:“ 梦想,其实可以很近” 留学项目


Sino-American Cooperation on Higher Education and Professional Development (CHEPD): Undergraduate and Graduate Transfer Programs

The CHEPD Undergraduate and Graduate Program, organized and administrated by (Links open in new windows) CCIEE and AASCU, is an important new form of international educational cooperation with two-way student and faculty exchanges between Chinese and American universities. CCIEE and AASCU select qualified public universities to participate in the program. For more information about the UNCP CHEPD Undergraduate and Graduate Transfer Programs, please visit here.

Other University Partners of UNCP include:
Harbin Normal University, China (more information here)
North China Institute of Science and Technology, China (more information here)
Northwest A & F University, China
University of Science at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Woosong University, South Korea


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Updated: Thursday, October 10, 2013

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