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Introduction of compliance unit and email address requirement


The Office of Exchange Coordination and Designation is pleased to announce the formation of a new Compliance Unit, currently comprised of Chief Hilarion “Lari” Martinez and Compliance Officer Elizabeth Dickerson.  Among other things, the Compliance Unit will serve as an information resource for clarification of, guidance regarding, and improvements to the Exchange Visitor Programs. 


The Department recognizes that the Exchange Visitor Programs can be most successful if it is aware of the needs, interests and concerns of all parties involved in the Exchange Visitor Program.  In order to improve communications among the Department, program sponsors, and program participants (including host families), the Department established an email address by which sponsors, participants, and interested third parties may contact the Compliance Unit.


Under the Department’s regulations, sponsors are required to offer orientation to all exchange visitors.  Specifically, pursuant to §62.10(c)(7), this orientation must include the address and telephone number of the Exchange Visitor Program Services of the Department of State.  This Compliance Unit Alert is announcing that the Department interprets this regulation to require both the mailing address and the e-mail address of the Exchange Visitor Program Services.  Also, pursuant to §62.26(k) and §62.31(i), sponsors must provide this email address to the host families of post-secondary school students and au pairs, respectively. 


Accordingly, the Department encourages all sponsors to include the following email address in its Exchange Visitor Program literature and it requires all sponsors to provide the address as part of the required orientation:



Please feel free to contact Mr. Martinez or Ms. Dickerson at this email address if you have any questions or concerns.


Updated: Thursday, February 14, 2013


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