Guide to Library Research
Mary Livermore Library
Unit 4: Searching for Resources

Limit to Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Journals
Another way to refine your search is to limit results to articles from scholarly (or peer-reviewed) journals. Scholarly journals contain articles that are judged for accuracy and validity by researchers in that field of study before publication. Simlply select the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals link in order to limit your searches to these types of articles.

Using a Bibliography to Find Resources
One of the best ways to find the resources that you need for your research papers and projects is to use a bibliography that someone else has prepared. When you find a scholarly article or book that is relevant to your topic, look at the bibliography that the author(s) have provided. Odds are the resources that the author cites are also relevant to your topic.


Most scholarly articles include a bibliography, but there is also a type of scholarly article called a literature review, which is an article that examines articles and books concerning a topic or issue and provides an overview of the discussion and the varying points of view presented. A literature review article contains an extensive bibliography.

Use BraveCat and Academic Search Premier to find the resources listed in a scholarly article or in a literature review article. If you cannot access a particular resource listed in a bibliography, then the Library can find them for you through Interlibrary Loan.


Here is an example (PDF) of a literature review article concerning school violence. Note the extensive bibliography.


NOTE: Academic Search Premier is just one research tool available to students. The Library subscribes to many databases. Databases are arranged by subject at

video Click here to watch a video showing how to select other databases.