Guide to Library Research
Mary Livermore Library
Unit 4: Searching for Resources

Refining Your Search
Certain search terms will produce too many results, so you may need to refine your search by combining terms.




Example: you are researching issues surrounding global warming. You might start off searching "global warming" in quotation marks. This search will produce almost 45,000,000 webpages!


But you could limit the search by adding other key words that narrow the focus of your search. Here are some examples:


Keywords Results
"global warming" 44,900,000
"global warming" and "ozone layer" 902,000
"global warming" and "ozone layer" and chlorofluorocarbons 133,000
"global warming" and "ozone layer" and chlorofluorocarbons and prevention 43,100


The results will become fewer as you continue to add keywords. Because the Web is so vast, you probably will never narrow your focus so much that you find no results.


More help with searching Google is available at