Instructional Services offers students, faculty, and staff a structured approach toward making the best use of the many resources that the Library has to offer. Through hands-on practice and teaching of information literacy techniques, we show library users how to make information-seeking efforts more efficient.

Instruction sessions take place in the Library’s electronic classroom so that students may learn first-hand how to find print resources, use online databases, and successfully search the Internet. Library instruction sessions may be scheduled in advance by faculty for their classes, by small groups of users needing further assistance, or by individuals who want specialized instruction. Instructors may sign up for more than one session for any given class. Our Outreach/Distance Education Librarian, Michael Alewine, is available to provide instruction off campus as well. You may contact him at or 910.522.5743.

Instruction sessions can be anything from a general tour of the Library to specialized instruction using specific resources tailored to a research project. We encourage all faculty members to ask us to create any library-oriented assignments, web pages, or Blackboard course material to integrate into your syllabi for fall 2007.

Instructional Services is proud to announce two new features for the fall 2007 semester. A Library Research Tutorial has been created for use by instructors who wish to familiarize their students with the basic research process. If you would like to have your students complete the tutorial, simply contact Melanie Wood.

Instructional Services has also designed a new approach to orienting freshmen students to the Library. As part of the Freshman Seminar course this fall, instructors will have the option of bringing their students to the Library for two instructional sessions that will provide them with basic information literacy skills needed to conduct research at the college level. Please contact Melanie Wood if you are interested in participating in this exciting program.

Instructional Services encourages you to schedule your sessions as soon as possible, so you can get the date(s) and time(s) you desire. To see the current updated instruction calendar for the fall semester, please visit There are several ways to schedule a session. You can submit an online request form from our webpage at, or print the form and send it through campus mail. You can also call 775-4174, or send an e-mail to

Here are a few of tips to make your instruction sessions more productive for you and your students. First, please attend the session with your class. Students tend to take the session more seriously and stay on task better if the instructor is present. Second, if you have specific assignment details or a class syllabus, please provide Instructional Services with this information as soon as feasible to help us prepare a session best suited to meet yours and the students’ needs.