Results List

At the top of the results list you will see that the search yielded 193 items. The list displays 25 results on each page. To see the next page of results, click the Next link (see image below).



Articles in the results list are arranged by date published with the most recent articles listed first (see image below). Some of the records include the complete article (or full text), but this database mostly provides just citations to article.

Citations to articles contain important identifying information, such as article title, author, journal title (source), volume number, issue number, and page numbers (see image below). Many articles also provide abstracts, which are summaries of the article's contents.



Journal Finder

When the full text of an article is not available in the database, click the Check Journal Finder for full text availability link (see image below).



The Journal Finder screen will then open. Journal Finder is an electronic resource that indicates if a particular journal title (e.g. Journal of Education) is available in the Library or in an electronic database. NOTE: You do not search Journal Finder by topic - it is not an article database. Click the book icon to see if a title is available in the Library. Click the monitor icon to see if a title is available in an electronic database (see image below).


NextNext, click the link for full-text access. Make sure that you pay close attention to the notes in the two righthand columns (see image below).


This example shows how to locate the full text from SpringerLink - other databases will look and function differently. Click the correct volume and issue link (see i9mage below).


Next, click the correct article - use the PDF format (see image below).




Play the Using Journal Finder video