Developing A Topic


Sometimes the most difficult aspect of academic research is coming up with a topic. Most instructors at the graduate level will set the initial range for your research topics, but you decide the specific focus of your research.

Here are a few general tips to help you develop a topic:

1) Look at the course lecture notes - is there anything that interests you and that you can relate back to a situation or trend in your classroom, library, or school?

2) Look at your textbook - examine the chapter headings and subheadings in the table of contents. Does anything catch you eye?

3) This website may give you some ideas for topics. Try a Google search using "social work issues" or "social work topics" or "social work links" to search for other useful sites.

4) Use Journal Finder to browse online social work-related journals:

5) Is your class using the discussion board in BlackBoard? If so, browse through the postings and see if anything sparks your interest.