Item Record

Most materials in the Library have an item record, which provides important information about contents and location, as well as basic citation information. Simply click the title link on the results page in order to see an item record.

The Location (see image below) tells you the collection in which the item is contained within the Library (or at FSU or UNCW). General Collection means that the item can be checked out. Some other locations are General Collection Folio, which contains oversized books, and Juvenile, which contains children's books. Folio and juvenile items can be checked out. Other collections, such as Reference and Special Collections, contain items that cannot be checked out.

The Call # tells you where an item is located within a collection. You need to write down the entire call number in order to find an item.

Available lets you know if an item is available for checkout. If an item has been checked out, you would see a due date instead of Available.