1) Please check all that apply:

Freshman              Transfer Student

Sophomore           Graduate Student

Junior                  Community Member


2) If you are a student, what is your field of study:


3) Have you used the Electronic Resource Center before (area behind the Reference Desk)?




4) How often do you use the Electronic Resource Center?


Several times a week

Once or twice a week

Once or twice a month

Once or twice a semester



5) Why do you choose to use the Electronic Resource Center?



Research help is close by

I do not

6) Which of the following do you normally use the Electronic Resource Center for (check all that apply)?

Search for a book in the library

Search for journal articles electronically

Check e-mail

Social networking (MySpace, Facebook, etc.)

Access Blackboard or other course materials

Surf the net

7) Do you find the Electronic Resource Center to be a useful part of the Library?




8) Do you have any comments/suggestions regarding the Electronic Resource Center?



9) How often do you ask for assistance at the Reference Desk with anything?


Several times a week

Once or twice a week

Once or twice a month

Once or twice a semester


I have never asked for assistance

10) If you do NOT ask for assistance, please select any reasons why:

The librarian is usually helping someone else

The librarian looked too busy

The librarian seemed unfriendly

The librarians are not very helpful

I prefer to find information on my own

11) What has generally been your experience when asking for assistance?

The librarian was very helpful and got me what I needed

The librarian tried very hard, but was unable to find anything for me

The librarian was not very helpful and I walked away with nothing

The librarian seemed disinterested in trying to help me

The librarian was rude and unpleasant

12) What do you typically ask for assistance with (check all that apply)?

Help finding a book

Help finding articles

Help finding websites

Troubleshooting a computer problem

Help with Blackboard, e-mail, printing, or photocopying

Help getting my library account information (I.D. # or PIN #)

13) In which of the following ways have you asked for assistance from the library (check all that apply)?

In person at the Reference Desk

Ask A Librarian form or e-mail


Instant Message

14) On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most helpful, how would you rate the Reference Desk?

15) I will seek help from the Reference Desk in the future:




16) Do you have any comments or suggestions for the Reference Desk staff?