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Ares Course Reserves Web Interface – Student Guide

Accessing Course Reserves

UNCP students can access the Library’s Ares Course Reserves System online at   The system can also be accessed through the Library’s web site, by clicking on Course Reserves from the main library web page.

Creating a Reserves Account

The Ares system requires accounts for individual users.  Students can complete the one-time process of creating an account by clicking the Create Account link on the logon page and filling out the form.  When you create your account, you will be asked to select a password hint.  Password hints allow you to give yourself a reminder if it is needed in the future.  Ares will not allow you to actually type the password in that field.  You can choose if you want Auto Email subscription so you can be notified for all of your future classes when an item is posted in Ares.  If you choose Manual, you will still be able to choose email subscription on a class by class basis.  

Once you enter all of your information, you click the Create Account button. 

Ares Main Menu

Once a student logs into Ares, you are taken to the Main Menu where the classes you have added to your account (or the classes that your instructors have already assigned to your Banner ID) are displayed.  You can use the Student Tools to add classes to your account.

Student Tools 

My Hot List – Students normally view items by first clicking on a class then clicking on individual items.  The Hot List allows you to group those items that you might need to quickly access or access for more than one class period.  Adding items to the Hot List is done by first finding the item (see below) and clicking the Hot List checkbox and then the Add checked items to Hot List button.

Search Classes – You can search for classes by Department, Instructor, or by Course.  You can use the Course Number or Class Name when searching by Course.  Once you find the class you want to add from the list of Search Results, you only have to click the Add Class icon.  


Search Items – The search for items is limited to the classes that have been assigned to your Ares account.  You can search for an item by course number, department, instructor, title, and/or author.  The parameters for the text fields allow the choice between “Contains” and “Starts With” for narrowing the search further.  There is also a checkbox that can be used to limit the search to items already on the Hot List.  

Newly posted items will be displayed on the items list pages with an icon "New".  Once viewed by you, the icon changes to an Ares logo.  This feature allows you to see what items you have looked at already. 

To access an item, click on the item you want to view and you are taken to the Item detail page. If the item is hard copy, the Pickup Location will be displayed along with other relevant info about the item.  If it is electronic, there will be a link that will allow you to download or view the item (depending on Browser settings and file type of the item).  

Ares Tools – You can change your account information, passwords, and your can also review any email that has been sent to you through the Ares system.

Student Class Tools - When looking at class details, you can subscribe to receive email so you can be alerted when new items are added to a class.  You just choose the Subscribe Now link.  You can also remove a class from their account.   

The RSS feed link can be used to receive alerts via your preferred news reader such as Bloglines or Google.  You can retrieve the link to use in the reader service by either right clicking on the RSS Feed heading and choosing Copy Shortcut or clicking on the link then copying the URL from the generated browser window.

Chat – Students working in groups can log onto Ares, choose a class and click the "Chat" link in the Class Tools to start or join a live chat session.   The Link button runs a wizard that can allow the chat users to create an http link in the chat session. The B and I buttons allow for bold and italicizing of the text being typed.

MessageBoard – Students can post messages on the MessageBoard.  You can start a new message thread by clicking New Topic or post responses to existing messages by double clicking on the message and then choose Post Reply.  This feature operates similarly to the message board in Blackboard.