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Second Life Destination Guide

Second Life is a big world, and it can be sometimes overwhelming even for experienced avatars. Finding the place you want to visit in a long list can be daunting, and it can be difficult to know which places will be most advantageous to your purposes just based on their name in a list. To aid you in navigating the virtual realms available to you in Second Life the following destination guides highlight some great places Second Life librarian Aurora Tutti has visited in world, also known as "sims" or "islands." There are a great many educational and cultural places to visit, learn, and interact with others from around the world. These guides are not exhaustive, so if you are exploring on your own and find a place you would like to highlight, please let us know. If you need help getting set up in Second Life, message librarian Aurora Tutti for assistance in world, email, or IM.

As we create destination guides for the fall semester, please enjoy some summer fun.

Summer Fun Spots

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Hot Summer Beach Spots

Do you really want to travel this summer but don't have the time or money? Want to spend some time on an exotic beach without the trouble of getting a passport? Take a trip into Second Life and let your avatar explore for you. Second Life has a number of fun, interactive beach locations that let you immerse yourself in summer fun. Check out these hot beach spots in Second Life. 

Golden Sands

Relax on the romantic beach at Golden Sands, a place to meet new people, chat or dance on the boardwalk. There's also a huge shopping mall next to the beach, a tiki bar, interactive water floats, hammocks, interactive tic tac toe, and a nice bonfire area.

Bora Bora

Head to the Caribbean and enjoy free windsurfing, hangliding, surfing and personal watercraft. Ride whales and dolphins, explore the active volcano, or kick back under a palm tree by the waterfalls and watch the flying fish go by. Let the ocean, beach and warm sand relax your mind and body. There is also a beachside marketplace.

Siggy's Waterworks Island

Siggy's has lots of pools and waterslides, and is not too overwhelming for those new to Second Life. You can practice your high-diving skills by choosing your style of dive, relax by the pool, or explore the waterfall area. A shopping area allows you to purchase swimwear or a waterslide of your own. Dive from a waterfall spanning rope bridge into waterfall pool, relax on the sandy beach areas, use the cool pool floats and obtain a swimming animation.

Puerto Vallarta Beach, Mexico

This island is a lot of fun with activities to help learn Spanish, a nice map at the teleport landing spot to orient you to the island, an interactive Mexican restaurant, and Colima's Volcano. Relax, drink, swim, sunbathe, or head to the train station for a ride on the Tequila Express. Signage is bilingual for those of you whose Spanish is rusty, or like mine limited to asking where the shot store is. Also has a lovely Mexican arts and crafts market.

Amity Island

Queue the Jaws music and, brave the shark-infested waters along the western edge of the island. Ride the Ferris wheel or enjoy the movies at the local cinema. When you land you are located at the teleport board, you can click on freebie beach or walk down boardwalk. If you take a deep swim, you can look underwater for hidden crates seashells and treasure. There are also bumper boats and cars, row boats, and you can climb the mast of a fishing boat to the crow's nest. The island also has a multimedia observatory, cool freebies, windsurfing, and a ride on a motorbike with sidecar.

Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana Brasil

Dance at the Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Do some shopping, climb the lighthouse, play in the casino area, or visit the romantic beach. You can also take a skybox ride from the beach to the top of the Christ the Redeemer statue.

Cliffs Beach

Looking for something a bit more quiet and away from it all? At The Cliffs Beach, you can dance by the ocean, explore a pirate ship or pine forest, and even ride a whale. There is also a secluded camping spot, and an inland cove to relax by and meditate.

Oahu Vacation Resort

This Hawaiian island paradise is one of my favorite places to visit. Try your hand at surfing, or enjoy one of the luaus and shows held here. Visitors can also learn about the nonprofit Compassionate Coalition Education Center, or visit the USS Arizona memorial structure. The memorial is stunning, and you can set adrift a lei in memory of the lives lost. There are teleport boards with maps all over island, beautiful scenery, a drive in theatre in which you can actually watch a whole movie, an interactive drum circle, and art exhibits – the current exhibit being West African contemporary art. Visit the welcome center, poolside tiki bar, or some of the many places to relax and chat. There are free drinks and fruit and clothes on the island, as well as skydiving, romantic spots like the wedding chapel, the north shore pipeline, meditation areas, amphitheatre, mermaid hangout, water sports, and of course exploring sandy beaches.


This pretty French harbor comes complete with a rustic village, seagulls, and sandy beaches. Get a bird's eye view of the island on a balloon ride or by hang gliding. You can take a paddle boat out onto the water or tour the island on a buggy ride or scooter. Be prepared for French speaking avatars, but signs are in both French and English. There is a quaint village square, farms, vineyards, and windmill on the point. Stop by the fishing shack on a secluded portion of the beach and watch dolphins hopping in the waves or take a trip to the island's light house. You can play hopscotch, light a candle and pray in the chapel, or just rest on the sand.

Flotsam Beach

Stroll along the boardwalk at Flotsam Beach, an area designed to evoke memories of East Coast American beach towns. You can climb the lighthouse, visit the drive in movies or café, play games in the arcade, or do some shopping. Ride a scooter around the island and pop into the Tastee Freeze. Play an interactive game to win prizes like a sand castle construction kit or float down to the underwater garden. For those that like to fish, the 7 Seas Fishing game is available, or you can explore the ruins, frolic on paddle boats, or go scuba diving

Subject Based Destination Guides

American Indian Studies

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Coming Fall 2012


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Second Life Planetarium at Seaport Alpha

If you love astronomy, this is the place for you! This is located at Seaport Alpha. Along with the planetarium, there is a museum where you can take a riding tour of the museum. Also, there is a free Spaceflight Museum History Tour, Rocket Ride to Outer Space, Shuttle Robot Arm, Auditorium, Hubble Space Telescope, and many other exciting things to do. There is a gift shop for you to buy something to remember your trip to the Second Life Planetarium.

Star Wares, Astronomy, Planets, Sci-Fi, Cosmos, Interstellar

This is located at Enchantment Island. They have many different landmarks and amusements for everyone to enjoy. They have the "highly addictive" ride called "The Incredible Mega Bubble Ride". They have a merry-go-round, Museum of Surrealism, Spook House, and a Tornado Gallery.

Star Gazer Telescopes at Jenika's Astronomy Park

This is the place for you if you love to look at telescopes! This park has telescopes for the visitors to look and enjoy the moon, stars, and planets.

TOC Astronomy Gallery, High Quality Hubble Pictures

This place includes seven galleries that you can teleport and explore many pictures of outer space! You can view galaxies, colliding galaxies, star clusters, nebulas, star birth, solar system, and supernova. This is every astronomer's dream!


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Coming Fall 2012


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Coming Fall 2012


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Coming Fall 2012


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Coming Fall 2012


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Coming Fall 2012


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Coming Fall 2012


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Coming Fall 2012


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Coming Fall 2012

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