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Where can I get additional information on the Media Integration Project?
You can contact any of the founders, Dr. Labadie, Dr. Arnold, or George Johnson at UNCP. The links on the main page will provide you with their email addresses and webpage information. You may also find the following link helpful:

What and where is UNCP?
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke is located in Robeson County, NC, south of Fayetteville. The school was founded in 1887 and joined the UNC system in 1996. The official website for UNCP is: There you can find everything from driving directions to course descriptions to the current and new semester schedules.

How can I optimize my viewing experience with this CD?
This CD is designed to work like a website and was designed in Dreamweaver. All needed pages and images are included. There are links to things on the web, so log on to fully experience this product.

Animations and movies require QuickTime to view. There is a copy of it included on the CD, in the zipped up format. You can locate and download the Mac version here:

This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer, which can be downloaded here:

If you find it difficult to print these pages dues to the black background color, try the tips here:

What else should I know about this CD?
Designed by UNCP art student, Jennifer Woodie Hogan, this product is the first in a series. There will be updated CDs made yearly. If you would like copies of them when they become available, contact Dr. Labadie at:
Thank you to Lawrence Locklear for your help and input in this project.

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