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The primary goal of the UNC Pembroke Biotechnology Initiative is to build on and continue to utilize the advances that have occurred in the past five years by continuing the mission of teaching excellence, research and development of formal and informal partnerships with North Carolina biotechnology companies. This goal will be achieved by continuing the development and implementation of a comprehensive biotechnology curriculum which provides students and faculty the opportunity and resources to receive useful, up-to-date instruction and experiences in classes, laboratories and industrial internships in biotechnology.

Some of our many goals:

Center for Science and Technology
Increase the participation of minority students in biotechnological training.
Provide relevant instruction/technological instruction via ITV and using the Internet.
Provide computational and laboratory supplies and equipment for biotechnology education at UNCP
Increase regional awareness of biotechnological issues and economic opportunities.
Develop partnerships with the North Carolina biotechnology industry for mutual benefit, and to develop employment opportunities for qualified, graduating seniors.

Courses related to Biotechnology

Bioanalytic Chemistry


Biochemistry I
Biochemistry II



Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


Nano- and Meso Materials

Faculty in the Biotechnology Program

Tom Dooling Paul A. Flowers Len Holmes
Siva Mandjiny Dave Maxwell John E. Reissner
Roland Stout Harold J. Teague  

Students in our program

Coming Soon! Molecularly Biotechnological Times

Opportunities in Biotechnology(under construction)

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center has generously funded this center for the development of novel approaches to the examination of biotechnology in an undergraduate university, and of course to biotechnological questions themselves.

Current grant activities related to this program (under construction)

Success stories- Students who have moved up !(under construction)

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