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UNCP Percussion Ensemble


The University of North Carolina at Pembroke has two percussion ensembles (percussion group and the percussion ensemble) comprised of percussion majors and minors. The percussion group Is a select group (quartet or trio) of percussion majors chosen on the basis of auditions held every semester. Students who are not percussion majors or minors are eligible to audition for the ensemble.

This ensemble comprises a major part of the percussionist’s performance experience. With very few exceptions the ensemble is devoted to performing literature written expressly for percussion, encompassing a wide spectrum of styles. In addition, music from other cultures (Afro-Cuban, Middle Eastern, Mexican marimba, African, etc.) will be included on percussion ensemble programs.

The role of percussion in twentieth century music as a catalyst for acoustical experimentation, compositional theories, and instrumental experimentation and evolution is a fantastic historical perspective and one which still maintains its influential position in a multitude of current musical interests.


Updated: Monday, July 9, 2012


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