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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UNCP student impressed with Chuck D’s message

By Justin Walker
Student Intern

As show time approached, the crowd shuffled through the doors of Givens Performing Arts Center, roaming about choosing their seats.

Chuck DFans, music enthusiasts, curious students and community members anticipated Chuck D, a.k.a. Public Enemy. As the hip hop mogul took the stage applause broke out as the audience of about 250 prepared for the words and wisdom of a hip hop pioneer.

A few introductory lines, and Chuck D revealed the purpose of his talk: “Rap, Race, Reality and Technology,” or as he said “vibe sessions and conversations.”

Hip Hop slang, humor and profanity followed as Chuck D drew in the crowd with words of encouragement and praise.

“Don’t applaud me, applaud yourselves,” he said. “You guys are the future of this nation.”

The Public Enemy front man playfully used metaphors and similes to deliver his message with attitude.

Talking about the importance of education and personal growth through education, Chuck D passionately reminded the audience “the cheapest price to pay is attention.”

As he continued, he discussed the current state of politics, hip hop, Hollywood and the power of the mind to make change.

“Minds are the real estate of the millennium,” he reminded the crowd several times.

Chuck DUNCP junior Corey Howard enjoyed the show.

 “Chuck D’s delivery was really informative and funny,” Howard said. “He gave insight into the real truth behind the music industry, and I appreciated how he gave advice to aspiring musicians.

“I think his performance was eye opening and educating for music lovers,” he added.

A question and answer session and autographs followed.  Questions flew and 10 p.m. came and went.  Questions pictures and autographs continued until 11 p.m., and the audience wanted more.

When asked how she would sum up the night’s events, freshman Stephanie Hammonds said, “I was really excited and amazed at how humble he was. He acknowledged everyone, and he made me feel like he was really there for me!”

Anthony Moran, a junior chemistry major, said, “Chuck D was great, better yet, he was dope!

“It felt really good to hear how the music industry is, especially coming from someone who is a part of it,” Moran continued. “The breakdown on the mentality of major recording companies really puts things in perspective on how we perceive artists today.”

Chuck D made an impression on students, delivering a humble yet powerful message of encouragement. He gave students the drive to go the extra mile and experience, learn and grow.

In closing Chuck D said, “College is an oasis in this chaotic world, make the best of it.

 “Believe in yourself, and stick by what you believe,” he said. “Honor, dignity and integrity will get you far, knowledge is infinite,” he said.

The Distinguished Speaker Series continues with Valarie Plame Wilson on November 5, Sheryl Swoopes on January 21 and Jodie Sweetin on March 23.

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