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WELCOME to the Spring 2013! The Learning Enhancement Center (LEC) is now located in the new Health Sciences Building, Suite 257! We are excited about our new location and all of the services we are able to offer pre-nursing, pre-licensure and RN/BSN students!



If you are an RN/BSN or pre-nursing student at UNCP and would like to receive free tutoring in specific General Education courses, you have come to the right place!

The LEC offers free tutoring in the following pre-nursing courses:

  • MAT 1070
  • Chemistry I & II
  • Statistics
  • BIO 3150
  • BIO 2110
  • BIO 2120
  • BIO 1000

Tutoring is by appointment and those interested must contact the tutors via email to sign up. Sessions are held in 1-hour incremements. Students are required to (1) be on time, (2) bring their book, notes and course syllabus to each session. Available on a first come, first serve basis. Session are held in the DNL3C office which is located at the University Courtyard Apartments, #3103. Available times:

Spring (Pre-Licensure and RN/BSN Students):

Hannah Wuellner

Monday 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Wednesday 12:00-4:00 p.m.


Avery Daniel

Monday 12:00-4:00

Thursday 2:00-6:00


Fridays from 8:00-12:00

Hannah and Avery will coordinate availability on Fridays during this time period so you can contact either tutor for Fridays.


Study Skills Workshops for Nursing Students -2013

The Learning Enhancement Center offers free study skills workshops on a variety of topics designed to help you improve skills that are important to help you improve skills needed to be successful in the Department of Nursing. These sessions are open to any UNCP nursing student (pre-nursing or pre-licensure). The Center also has an array of reference materials and software that students may find useful, listed below, and provides a quite, comfortable setting for students to study.

Note: Registration is strongly recommended. Please complete the online registration form to register for the workshops.

LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory)

LASSI is designed to gather information about learning, study practices and attitudes. The inventory is administered online in the LEC lab. Upon approval from the LEC, 80 statements will be presented that relate to your knowledge in these areas. You will review your results with the LEC coordinator to determine potential changes in study practices which may enhance your academic success. Note: LASSI is administered by appointment only to students who have declared nursing as their major and who have a minimum of a 2.8 overall GPA after at least one semester at UNCP. Call for your appointment.


This workshop will help students learn techniques and strategies to which will aid in the creation of an individualized time management system. Topics of discussion will include how to overcome procrastination, goal setting and learning to say "NO!" Information presented at each session will be identical so students need only register for one session. (Online registration required)

TEST PREP & TEST TAKING for Pre-Licensure Students WORKSHOP

Attend this workshop to learn strategies that will help you prepare for and take beginning-level nursing tests. Attendees will learn about preparing for tests, test taking strategies and tools. Practice questions will be used to help attendees apply newly acquired strategies. Information presented in each session will be identical so students need only register for one session. (Online registration required)


General APA formatting guidelines and citation of sources are discussed. Students will be introduced to online resources and tools for grammar, style and writing. Those currently working on a paper may bring questions to be answered during the session so that all may benefit from the information. (Online registration required)


In conjunction with the UNCP Counseling and Testing Center, the UNCP Department of Nursing regularly schedules stress management sessions for junior and senior students. Request one today! Please provide at least 5 days notice if requesting this session due to collaboration with the Counseling and Testing Center.


Throughout the semester, the LEC provides support session related to dosage calculations. As per the Department's policy, D/H X Q or rato:proportion methods are used to teach students how to safely and accurate calculate oral and parenteral drug doses. Sessions are held for Junior and Senior students at times which coordinate with course schedules.


  • Request a session on how to locate peer-reviewed, scholarly articles for your nursing classes.




  • Reference Point Software for APA and MLA format
  • Learning Strategies: Your Guide to the Classroom and Test Taking (Available for checkout 1-wk)
  • Nurse Logic
  • Virtual ATI NCLEX-RN
  • TEAS Version V: Online test and study guide
  • ATI Pharmacology Package
  • NCLEX-RN Review Books (In house use only)
  • Mosby Lab Reference Guides (Available for checkout 1-wk)
  • Mosby Drug Guide (Available for checkout 1-wk)
  • Nursing Care Plans (Doenges-available for check out 1-wk)
  • APA Made Easy (Available for checkout 1-wk)
  • LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory) online inventory
  • Medical Terminology (Self-Paced course/software)
  • Vocabulary Stretch
  • Accu Reader
  • Paragraph Punch
  • Wireless laptops
  • Much, much more.


Updated: Thursday, October 3, 2013



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