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Ditching trays may curb food waste

By Jordan Sullivan
Staff Writer

In an effort to curb the amount of food wasted in the cafeteria at UNCP, the cafeteria has come up with an innovative plan to reduce the amount of food that students try to eat. Students have a bad habit of piling several meals worth of food onto one tray and not being able to finish it when they reach the table.

The cafeteria plans to eliminate the use of trays for students in order to encourage them to take only what they truly plan to eat back to the table. This plan may serve to eliminate excessive waste and maybe even overindulgence.

The cafeteria did a trial run of the plan.

For one day they did not provide any trays.

When the students put their trays on the conveyor belt to be cleaned, workers in the back sorted the garbage into two trash cans.

One of the trash cans was for non-food items, such as napkins.

The other was strictly for food.

The results showed that when trays are used, students waste an average of 300 pounds of food per day.

When the amount of waste for a single day reaches such an astounding number, especially when one tries to imagine how much is wasted in an entire year, it calls attention for changes to be made.

Reducing food waste is a small step toward a greener campus and this plan is an example of how much of a difference one small change can make.

Small changes such as this one may be just the beginning. This may inspire students to make changes of their own to help curb their waste


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