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Native American Museum reopens

By Hayley Burgess
Staff Writer

The Museum of the Native American Resource Center reopened June 19 after being closed for remodeling and reconstruction.

The remodeling project began during the spring semester of last year and included replacing the ceiling, adding new lights and adding three new exhibits. “We had to close down the museum during the remodeling because it was too dangerous to have people in here while we were working,” said Dr. Stan Knick, director of the museum. One new exhibit to the museum, located in the front of Old Main, is called “Recollections: Lumbee Heritage.”

This display is made up of photographs that show the Lumbee family and their life in the community before 1945 and again in 1994.

There are signs placed beside every photograph that identifies the person in the photo, giving the location, date and who previously owned the picture. The second exhibit is about the history of the Lumbee Community. This exhibit holds historic artifacts through the 1800s.

It showcases traditional clothes, tools and everyday necessities that would have been used at this time.

There are also signs that tell about the ancestral language, dialect and vocabulary of the Lumbee community.

The third new exhibit is on the history of the University. There are photographs and documents that show the evolution of how the University went from being the Indian Normal School to the regional University that it is today.

“The history of the University is founded in the Native American heritage,” Knick said.

“It is important to understand the culture in the community that helped to develop the school,” he added. This exhibit has a draft of a bill from 1888 that established a Normal School for Indians in Robeson County and pictures of the school during its first years along with students that attended. The museum is open Mondays through Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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